Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Help

What? I've been reading! I never stopped--just quit writing about it. But now I'm forgetting what I've read, so I decided to start up again. If anyone cares.

So, The Help is set in Mississippi during the Civil Rights movement, where the homes of some white families with black "help" are examined. A white woman, who wants to be a writer, decides to write an anonymous book about "the help" and publish it. At first, it's just a story for her--a way to get published. But, you guessed it, her heart is changed in writing the story. However, not as much as you would think. Just the seeds of equality are planted, which I like. If the woman had gone all underground railroad, rioting in the streets, this book would have traveled down the road of "Same Kind of Different as Me", and I wouldn't have liked the ending.

The writing is really good--easy to read. Remember Huck Finn in high school, trying to read with all the apostrophes? Stockett captures the southern accent and diction without losing the ability to read quickly.

Good read!

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