Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I know not a lot of you are into science fiction (TJay has just informed me that this book is FANTASY! Excuse my extreme oversight) out there, and frankly, neither am I unless it is very well written. This book is great! The book is about a theiving crew in a kingdom, and all in the crew have some sort of power that uses metal to enhance themselves. There's political intrigue, a little bit of romance between a slave pretending to be a noblewoman and a house heir, and a struggle to overthrow evil. I liked this book a lot! Give Brandon Sanderson, a BYU grad, some support and read his book--you'll like it.


Truman Jensen said...

Just thought I would expound on Crystal's review by mentioning a few more things about the book and author.

Mistborn is the first in a trilogy, with the third book coming out at the end of this year. Despite being part of trilogy, it stands on its own and has an excellent ending.

Brandon Sanderson is completing the third book this year and was selected to finish the twelfth book in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. (Robert Jordan passed away last year)

If you like fantasy both of these series are well worth your time, especially since the will both be finished this year.

Ben Jensen Family said...

Just thought I would expound on T.Jay's expounding of Crystal's review.

It's really good. (What, they already said that?) Oh well. If you are worn out from reading about the same old magic and the same old elves being rehashed over and over again (or if you are just as afraid to pick up a book with magic as I am to pick up a book with Fabio on the cover...) you have nothing to worry about! The magic is orginal and intriguing (and not too over the top). And even though it captivates you and keeps your attention at the begining of the book, you finish the book because of the amazing story and well written characters.

Daniel said...

Wow, I'd love to be party to the expounding party, but -- I haven't read the book! Based on the report of 3 witnesses I'll check it out ASAP.

Sanderson should get Fabio to be on the cover of book 3. That way the book to would appeal to all genres.