Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow Falling on Cedars

I read this book on recommendation of TJay's mom, Kitty. She loved it. I guess we don't have similar taste in books. I'll tell you why I didn't like it.

So much description!!! Get on with it! I am the person that doesn't really care about scenery or clothes or scenery or scenery or long drawn out sentences. I like the author to get to the point. And not talk about the scenery. Anyway, so it was drawn out, and the story was pretty pedantic as well.

The story is about a little fishing town on the west coast, and somebody died on their boat. Well, a Japanese man gets blamed for it. And, it turns out that the lawyer for the prosecution is in love with the defendant's wife. Apparently that's supposed to be exciting.

The book follows the entire trial, and flashes back to the past when lawyer and wife were kids and best friends, when lawyer went off to WW2 and fought (I just skipped that chapter--it was one long description of the scenery and guns and fighting, and I did not see how those 20 pages (!!) were remotely germane to the story). So, the trial ends, and that's that. Nothing! I do not recommend this book. A lot of other people like it though, so maybe give it a try.

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