Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Worst Hard Time

Well, friends, if you're looking to read up on your history I stronly suggest Egan, the author of this book. It was well researched, from a human perspective, which gave his book personality and un-boringness. While dates were mentioned and places noted, the real story here was about the people of the dust bowl--how they survived, what happened to their livelihoods and families, and what we have learned. I really liked this book!

It was especially interesting to me because the dust bowl happened in my home-panhandle, so all the cities that were mentioned I knew about. I have been to a lot of them. Then, I got to ask my grandpa about his memories of the time, and that was really cool. The book would have been much better if any of my family members had been interviewed or mentioned.

Good read!

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