Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ana's Story

Watch out all you Dem's out there, Jenna's intelligent. (I love you TJay). Despite using some tired analogies and metaphors, this book's not bad! Jenna did an internship with Unicef last summer and went to visit South American youth living with AIDS. She met a girl, named Ana, and wrote this book about her life. It's interesting and heart warming to meet a girl in pretty poor conditions make the right decisions with her life even though she has been afflicted with this disease since birth and the people around her don't push her in that direction.

This book was also a quick and easy read. The pictures, taken by Jenna's best friend Mia Baxter, are stunning. An added bonus is that if you buy this book, all profit goes to benefit Unicef. You can watch a short video of Jenna's time there on the Unicef website. I listened to her speak at the last Texas Book Festival (thanks to Mom for making me get out of bed), and she was so fun to listen to. I hope she does more humanitarian work and gets the message out about what people can do to help. Unicef is a great organization if you're looking to donate time or money, and buying this book is a great way to do it. Or, you can just borrow my copy to read if you want.

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