Monday, March 24, 2008

The Year of Living Biblically

Great book! This writer, A.J. Jacobs, decides that he is going to take 1 year to go through the Bible, live every single law that is humanly possible, literally I might add, and see what happens. He starts with some basics--the 10 commandments, not shaving his beard, eating kosher food... Then, he moves on to some pretty crazy laws. Who knew that the Old Testament bans wearing clothes that have a mixture of linen and wool in their fabric?

I learned so much about Jewish faith and the Bible in this book. Jacobs is an excellent writer--I can't wait to read his other books, and this book is such an interesting concept. He is also well researched and really tries to explain what modern day religions are doing with these commandments. He has a "spiritual advisory board" to help explain certain things and to teach about their philosophies. There are some heart touching moments about his interactions with his family in this book and lots of laughter through all the characters that help him through his biblical quest.

The only shortcoming is that Jacobs didn't spend near enough time on the New Testament. I guess there are way more laws and commandments in the Old, but it would have been nice to have seen some more influence of Christ in his book. Read it!

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