Saturday, April 5, 2008

Keeper of the Night

My sister-in-law works for the author of this book, Kimberley willis Holt, and said that she liked her books. So, I got a few! This is the first that I have read, and I liked it. I like her writing style--very quick and to the point. The only thing I didn't enjoy was that she had millions (it seemed) of mini chapters instead of 10 or 12 long ones. some of them were a paragraph long. It seemed like all I did was turn the page, and sometimes I wouldn't read the title of the chapter and then I was confused.

This book is about a girl living in Guam who's mother kills herself. The book is about the aftermath of that event--her family relationships, her friends and their reactions, and how she feels about herself and her mother. It is a young adult fiction book, so it was a quick read. I liked the story and the messages inside--and it was fun to learn about the culture of Guam. The jacket says that Holt lived in Guam when she was in grade school, so I trust her portrayal. Good, quick read!

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