Saturday, May 29, 2010

Anna Karenina

I decided to tackle this book because I know that educated people are supposed to have read this. It was a long long book, and I'm just not sure it was worth the time, except for bragging rights of course.

Anna is a young woman living in Russia, and all kinds of things happen to her. People get married, have affairs, fall in and out of love, get killed, betray each other, and the like. The many many story lines in this book are much like those in any good Bronte book; however, there are so many characters to keep track of over such a long period of time that I stopped caring about the characters. Then, at the end, a corrupt person finds church, and the book turns preachy--which I do not like at all.

So, if you have hours and hours of time to read a book and want to be able to brag about it, go for it. If you want the same time period and type of story line, go for Pride and Prejudice.

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